Back in September 2006, Todd Lynn, the rock and roll tailor for the likes of The Rolling Stones, Marilyn Manson and PJ Harvey debuted his ready-to-wear collection at London Fashion Week, shown on men and women. Today, on 12th June 2015, his hi-octane tribe where the sexes march in equilibrium remains just as potent, and perhaps, more topical than ever.

Great tailoring changes the way you stand, the way you feel, the way you walk. It empowers with a sense of internal invincibility. This is key to understanding the ethos of Canadian-born Lynn – and indeed his appeal to rock’s finest, who are all about liberation.
Words will never live up to the sensation of trying on one of his jackets or exquisitely cut cigarette pants that make you feel 10ft taller, this wardrobe is sympathetic to a certain spirit.

For Spring/Summer 2016, Lynn’s tribe dress in white, a colour which further amplifies his skill as a tailor: the hue offers nowhere to hide.

“There’s a lot of tying-on, which I love,” Lynn explains of the collection. “I like the idea of a found garment, it reminds me of being a kid when I’d find clothes and adapt them. You make your own vision in how it’s worn.”

There is no sacrifice in the craft or construction, of course. This is about a further means of expression – gleaming eyelets are stamped across garments, allowing the wearer to adjust pieces to their whim.

Silver fabrics, a mesh and a jacquard used on its reverse side almost strobe through movement. Tailored jackets are patchworked in leather or have kimono sleeves. The biker jacket, complete with its grand prix paneling, is oversized and adapted with straps. Biker boots in python and leather by Christian Louboutin are worn with every look.

This season’s rousing soundtrack comes from Glasgow three-piece Baby Strange, performing live.

June 19, 2015